BLOGS: Custom Client Service Solutions

Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 8:22 AM

What's Important Now

What's important to buyers of legal services? Well....lots. In a long career of dissecting the attributes of law firms through the lens of buyers, Michael Rynowecer, President of BTI Consulting, speaks to17 attributes, ranging from "meets technical specifications" to "quality offerings" to "breadth of services." But of these 17, Rynowecer says, the four that truly create client allegiance are:
  • Commitment to help
  • Provides value for the dollar
  • Client focus, and
  • Understands the client's business

September marks the advent of a new business season. As we enter this season, all providers of legal services need to consider -- at every intersection with clients -- how they are delivering on these clearly stated client needs/wants. Addressing them robustly and fiercely is how lawyers and law firms not only deliver distincitive legal services but also create value and totally engaged clients.

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